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TMS myCloudData SDK

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myCloudData SDK

The fastest and easiest route to host your data in the cloud.


v1.0.0.0 (February 9, 2017)

Feature overview

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Deploy myCloudData on your server

Want to have full control of your data and host myCloudData yourself on a public or internal server, the SDK is available for you. The myCloudData SDK can be deployed on your node.js server and connect with a MS SQL Server or mySQL database and possibly other databases in the future.

Access myCloudData from any language

The myCloudData service API is fully OAUTH 2.0 REST/JSON based. It can be used from any programming language or environment that offers HTTPS access. From plain HTML/Javascript to using it with frameworks like JQuery, Angular... It can be used with popular REST libraries from C#, PHP, Python, Delphi,... and we also offer components that wrap the full API for direct and even easier use from Delphi, Pascal, C#.

Access myCloudData from any device

You can build applications that use the myCloudData service data from mobile devices, IoT, web, desktop applications. Your IoT app can log sensor data in the cloud via myCloudData and the data can be analyized from a web or desktop application and consulted from a mobile device. The scenarios to use myCloudData are only limited by our imagination.

Control sharing of cloud data

myCloudData can be used from multiple applications or devices from a single myCloudData account but it is also possible to control sharing of data with multiple myCloudData accounts. CRUD permissions can be set per table for sharing with other accounts. This way it is easily possible to have full control over accounts producing data and accounts consuming data.

myCloudData adapts as you go

The myCloudData API offers flexible and easy retrieval and updating of metadata. Start using myCloudData today and fine-tune your metadata as you go.

Simple SDK licensing model

There is a one-time SDK license fee per domain and it comes with free support and free updates of the SDK for one year.


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