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Epina focuses on developing one of a kind products that help further the boundaries of science and engineering. We offer the choice and flexibility to expand the scope of your research and development.




ImageLab is a Microsoft Windows-based multisensor imaging tool for processing and analyzing hyperspectral images. It is a modular system consisting of a basic engine, a graphical user interface, a chemometrics toolbox and optional user-supplied modules.


SDL Delphi Component Suite

The SDL Component Suite is an industry leading collection of components supporting scientific and engineering computing. The entire suite consists of about 50 units covering a wide range of requirements in science and engineering. The component suite is available both for Delphi™ and for C++Builder™.


Data Lab

DataLab is a simple to use statistics package running under Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 offering a well-balanced mixture of data editing capabilities, visualization methods and mathematical and statistical procedures. DataLab has been developed as a small but powerful tool for data manipulation and interpretation. The methods implemented in this package have been selected from a practitioners view.

Available Options

SDL MathPack 10.7 SDL MathPack 10.7

SDL MathPack 10.7

The SDL MathPack offers a profound collection of routines and classes for higher mathematics. The purchase price of this package includes ..


Available Options

SDL Suite Complete SDL Suite Complete

SDL Suite Complete

One of the leading add-on packages for Delphi, BDS and C++Builder developers. Over 2000 functions more than 50 units support the creation ..


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