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Less Boilerplate More Clarity

We eliminate repetitive code from your C# projects so you can get back to the bright side of programming.



The #1 aspect-oriented framework for .NET.

  • Works with any code – not just to component interfaces.
  • Best run-time performance.
  • Full support for async code.
  • Validate coding guidelines with architecture validation.


Add highly detailed logging to your .NET projects with zero impact on source code.

              • Get highly detailed logs with method names and parameter values. Turn on/off for each web request.
              • Zero impact on source code. Get started in minutes and keep business logic crystal clear.
              • Completely customizable. Compatible with all logging frameworks.


Eliminate the INotifyPropertyChanged boilerplate and more.

  • Stop losing time writing boilerplate for INotifyPropertyChanged, commands, dependency properties, undo/redo, ...
  • Never forget a PropertyChanged notification again.
  • Keep your business logic super clean.


Write verifiable thread-safe code in .NET without exploding your brain.

              • Dramatically reduce complexity of multi-threaded code. Free up your brain for business logic.
              • Reduce random defects. Most problems are detected at build time or in single-threaded unit tests.
              • Keep your business logic crystal-clear, easier to modify after release 1.0.


Cache your methods with just a simple custom attribute.

  • Improve application performance without adding repetitive code.
  • Reduce cache key generation bugs.
  • Support for C# MemoryCache, Redis Cache, Pub/Sub, and more.
  • Customizable. Plug in your own cache storage.

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